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Application of cold-formed steel structure welded pipe
May 21, 2018

Application of cold-formed steel structure welded pipe


In the developed countries, the construction industry is the largest user of cold-formed steel. Cold-formed steel accounts for 5% of the total steel. Cold-formed steel for construction accounts for about 70% of the total cold-formed steel. Cold-formed steel products are used in construction. The industry is mainly used for structural cold-formed rectangular tubes and cold-formed structural steel structures, in which the amount of cold-formed rectangular tubes accounts for more than 50%. From the point of view of structural mechanics and economy, the combination of cold-formed steel and H-shaped steel in the construction industry is the best combination, and it can realize the industrialization of industrial plants and residential houses.

In recent years, shells, shelves, single-storey and multi-storey houses with a combination of cold-formed steel have also been rapidly developed. From airports to shopping malls, from office buildings to sports stadiums, from convention centers to residential housing, Steel products are widely used architectural design materials.

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