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Common technical problems of I - beam bending machine
May 06, 2018

Common technical problems of I - beam bending machine

Common technical problems of I - beam bending machine

It is very important to choose the arch processing site. Here is mainly for small site,  and the main points that I summarize at work are as follows:

1. First of all to consider the convenience of unloading, if the sidewalk is not easy to go, you can enter the 12-meter I-beam, at least nine meters. Usually there is not a special crane in tunnel construction site, but loaders and digging machine are available, so there must be a site to vehicle u-turn.

2. Loading machine installed on the I-beam, the processing site is a plane, so you must make sure that the loaders can access.

3. The minimum area with 25M in length and 11M in width is easy to install the arch of the loader, and handling is also convenient and safe.

4. All the location of welding need to be covered by processing room, so as to avoid adverse factors such as rain affect the processing speed. The steel plate can be designed on the open air, but not on the road.