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Do You Know High Frequency Induction Welding Exactly?
Apr 16, 2018

Do You Know High Frequency Induction Welding Exactly?

Zhangyun Machinery,a professional manufacturer of high frequency pipe welding machines,works deeply in the pipe welding industry.For this question,answers are as follows:

High frequency induction welding is used to make pipe or tube from strip which is fed into rolls which form the strip into a cylindrical shape. The faying edges are brought together between squeeze rolls to produce a V at the point of welding, with an included angle of typically 2-5° for steel.

A high frequency coil introduces current into the tube ahead of the squeeze rolls. This current is concentrated on the edges of the strip in the V and resistance heats a narrow zone at the edges to the welding temperature. The squeeze rolls consolidate the weld by expelling any melted material and contaminants and forming a small upset bead inside and outside the tube. These beads may be immediately scarfed from the tube to give a smooth surface. Thin wall steel tube may be welded at up to a few hundred m/min.

Do You Know High Frequency Induction Welding Exactly?

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