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Escalator Company Matters need Attention Escalator Guide Rail Roll Forming Line Installation
Mar 24, 2018

Escalator Company Matters need Attention Escalator Guide Rail Roll Forming Line Installation

Considering the escalator guide rail forming line working process,what matters should the escalator company need pay attention?

escalator guide rail roll forming line work process.jpg

(1)The location of the baseline and guide rail position need to be correct and accurate.


(2) Check the straightness of the guide >=1 ‰, a single guide length deviation >=0.7mm, do not meet the requirements should be replaced or self-straightening.


(3) The end of the guide end of the tenon, the connection part of the processing surface should be no burr, dust, oil, etc., to ensure the installation accuracy requirements.


(4) Rail joints should not be in the same level, or according to the manufacturer drawings required construction.


(5)The use of oil-lubricated rails, should be in front of the base rail, at the bottom of its bottom plus a pit 40 ~ 60 mm height of the cement pier or steel pier, or the bottom of the work surface of the part of the cut off a cut , Leaving the position of the oil box.


(6) Guide rail application pressure plate fixed on the rail bracket, should not be welded or bolted directly connected; each rail must have two rail bracket; rail the highest end and the top of the shaft distance 50 ~ 100mm.


(7) To enhance the guide with a hoist installed in the top floor of the door, hanging on top of a hoist.


(8) When lifting the rails, use the U-shaped card to hold the guide plate. The hooks should be rotatable to eliminate the rotation of the rails during the lifting process. The rotary hooks can be made by thrust bearings.


(9) If the use of human lifting, nylon rope diameter should be ≥ 16mm.


(10) The bow of the guide rails should be facing upwards to facilitate removal of the ash from the tenon to ensure that the joints at the joints meet the specification requirements, see figure


(11) When adjusting the guide rails, set the measuring points at the guide rails in the middle of the rail support and the adjacent two rail brackets in order to ensure the adjustment accuracy.


(12) Elevator guide is strictly prohibited welding, not allowed to use gas welding cutting.