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How to Optimize the Roll Forming Process Parameters
Mar 31, 2018

How to Optimize the Roll Forming Process Parameters

The roll forming process parameters play a major role in the quality of the final roll-formed product. Optimum configuration without any cost increase in the roll forming line could present accurate and flawless products. In this paper, a roll forming process experimental modelling of a symmetrical U-section profile from advanced high strength steel (AHSS) material (type DP600) is presented.

roll forming process.jpg

The factors selected for this study are the roll forming line velocity, the inter-distance between roll stations, the roll gap, and the diameter of the rolls. An optimization procedure for the roll forming line, via statistical design of the experimental simulation runs, is also presented. The optimum values of process parameters are calculated for minimum elastic longitudinal strains and shear strains, at strip edge, for each roll station. A reduction of 20–35% in elastic longitudinal strains could occur for all roll stations, and 30–50% reduction in shear strains occurs for roll stations with a greater folding angle, as this leads to roll-formed products of a better quality. Finally, the contribution of each factor on the longitudinal and shear strains has been calculated, showing that the inter-distance between the roll stations plays a dominant role in the roll forming process.