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Importance of elevator guide rail roll forming machine
Apr 07, 2018

Importance of elevator guide rail roll forming machine

Importance of elevator guide rail roll forming machine

The elevator has been able to run up and down smoothly, in addition to the core of the operating system control, but also need a auxiliary operating equipment, the device carrier is the elevator guide rail device. The elevator guide rail is a safe rail of the elevator running up and down on the hoistway. The guide rail is mounted on the wall of the hoistway and is supported by the rail frame and the rail bracket,which is Fixed connection in the hoistway wall.


Now the mainstream elevator guide, are generally"T"Shaped rails, this rail safe and reliable, and low cost, is currently the majority of elevator energy.The basic configuration of the product. In the installation of the time, must ensure that the rail surface is smooth and smooth, can not use inferior products, otherwise it will affect the elevator. The normal operation. In addition, since the guide rail is the shuttle rail of the elevator car and the safety gear, it is necessary to reserve a certain space;When the elevator in the high-speed operation occurred when the speeding accident, the guide itself must also be able to play the role of stop-stop, so the track rigid indicators .Need to be high enough.Today we are gonna talk about the Importance of elevator guide rail roll forming machine from 2 aspects.They are as follows:



The material quality of the guide rail is an important indicator of the safety of the elevator track.If the material of the rail is too hard or rigid enough,Then the clamp will not get enough friction when the brake is clamped, will cause the brake to fail, the car falls, which is very serious lift.An accident. At the same time, the rails must also ensure sufficient strength to ensure that the safety gear brake when the car and the impact of the support.



The factors that affect the comfort of the elevator guide rail include the connection accuracy of the guide rail and the guide surface roughness.


The accuracy of the connection of the solid guide used in the former is ensured by the end dimension of the guide rail and the symmetry of the yin and yang tenon. The hollow guide rail and the escalator guide of the connection accuracy is the end of the rail size and shape and position tolerance to ensure that the connection accuracy of the rail directly affect the smooth operation of the elevator and comfort degree. While the latter is the guide rail surface roughness directly affect the guide shoe in the guide surface can run smoothly on the probability, but also affect the lubricating oil.Of the storage, and ultimately affect the car running quality.


 The designer through the elevator guide material and its installation quality requirements of the exploration, and ultimately come to a more favorable implementation plan. Of course, the elevator guide is on the use of the time can actually be more environmentally friendly and energy-saving, then also need to invest in the elevator energy-saving device on the basis of further research and then make explore.


Anyway,as the basic carrier of the elevator operation, the role of elevator guide in the future will only become stronger and stronger.So choose the right elevator guide rail roll forming machine is quite important.