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Maintenance of the equipment of cement pipe-making machine
Jan 05, 2018

The maintenance of the equipment of the cement pipe-making machine is the careful care of the equipment. We in the production of cement pipe after the end, do not open the mold, the cement pipe mold and cement pipe in the open air for natural conservation, the general cement pipe after the completion of a day to carry out the open-air maintenance, the next day to open the mold. When to reach a certain time after the opening of the mold also to carry out a certain period of care and maintenance, the need for a person to spray three times a day of water, the time is usually the morning, noon once, in the afternoon, the purpose is to keep the cement pipe humidity so that the concrete can solidify itself, The number of water sprays can also increase and decrease the number of water sprays depending on the weather conditions and the humidity of the weather. Nursing care is required in the natural nursing skills, compliance with the above cement culvert equipment maintenance essentials, can make the equipment more convenient application, but also can effectively improve the service life, reduce maintenance costs. Several points on the maintenance of cement pipe machine to do a good job of the above several day-to-day work, to ensure that the pipe function to make better pipe can also increase its service life as far as possible, building materials to make pipe machine the most solid backing.