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On the hardness of COTS
Jan 05, 2018

Cots in the printing is an integral part of the hardness of the rollers have a direct impact on the printing effect, then how to choose the hardness of cots, following the Yangzhou Wai Tong Rubber Roller Factory to understand together.

Cots and hardness for different printing methods are very important, different printing requirements cots have different mechanical standards and chemical standards. To offset printing, for example, the hardness of the printed cots can reflect the quality of rubber to a certain extent, the hardness may make its corrosion resistance will be increased, but with water and ink capacity decline, and for the loss of the printing machine and the PS version of the graphics and text wear increased. Too small hardness may be due to the ability to withstand pressure and corrosion resistance of the rubber roller service life is too short.

The principle of determining the hardness of the printing cots is: In order to ensure good water and ink capacity, and have enough resistance to chemical corrosion and physical ability of the premise, the hardness of the printing cots should be properly reduced. In the actual printing application, choose the suitable glue type to avoid the printing quality fault caused by the rubber roller, in order to ensure the printing relatively stable and smooth.