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Roll Forming Machine Application in Different Industries
Mar 12, 2018

Roll Forming Machine Application in Different Industries

Roll forming technology is widely used in different industries,which has greatly liberated the labour force and improved human’s productivity.

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As time moves on, the roll forming technology innovations are something so important that has changed the world in all means. Since the 1st Industrial Revolution, any new technological innovation in any field always gives something this world really expects.

In this world of modern business aspects, high precision and quality is an important thing. When it comes to industries which are metal based, roll forming machine equipment has become an integral part. Most of time roll forming solution is the best choice in the metal-related industries due to the quality of products manufactured from the roll former.

Not only a roll forming machine can provide high quality products, but also decrease the human labour, time and increases the profit of business, thanks to the automation or continuous running.


Compared to regular metal fabrication equipment, like sheet metal press brake, metal sheet shearing machine, press machine, and straightening machine etc, a roll former line usually can do all the jobs, like bending, cutting, pressing for holes, straightening and even stacking.

In which industries is roll forming application necessary in modern time?

Firstly,in construction and building industry,there are hollow elevator guide rail roll forming machines,door frame roll forming machine;in storage shelves and racking industry,there are heavy duty and light duty racking cold roll forming lines.

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In addition, today there are lot of improved versions of roll forming machines which ensure high precision of work. The usage of computer software has given rise to sorts of intelligent machines.  Therefore, if you have any special requests for roll forming solution, please just feel free contact us.