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The basic principle of roll-rolling forging
Jan 05, 2018

(1) The bite of the blank only the billet is the roll forging die bite to establish a roll forging process, in the actual production of both natural bites and biting into the middle of the two bite into the way. In the end of the natural bite into the mold and billet of the word friction is the main power to bite, and the blank under the pressure of the force P is bitten by the resistance. To improve the friction coefficient, reduce biting angle is conducive to the realization of biting conditions, improve the friction coefficient can be used to achieve the surface roughness, reducing the bite angle can be reduced absolute pressure to achieve. The middle bite is made by the protruding parts of the roll forging die directly into the blank and forcibly pull the blank into the deformation zone, the bite is not affected by the friction, biting into the angle can be enlarged. In order to reduce the roll forging, it is necessary to increase the amount of pressure per passage by using middle bite. The biting angle of the end natural bite is not greater than 25 º, the middle bite can reach: 32º~37º.

(2) Before the roll forging process, each moment into the deformation zone and outflow deformation area of the material volume is equal, and deformation area of the height is changed, so the material along the direction of roll forging speed is also changing, in the deformation area at the exit material movement speed is greater than the forging roller line speed. This phenomenon is called the front slide.