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The maintenance of the pipe-making machine
Jan 05, 2018

Pipe-making machine in the work of the role of more and more people pay attention to, then how effectively improve its efficiency? I think that know how to maintain pipe machine can achieve efficiency improvement. The following fine long pipe-making machinery and everyone to share the maintenance experience of the pipe machine.

1, often check the oil tank, oil level should not be below the specified value.

2. When the oil filter is contaminated, it needs to be replaced in time, and the coarse oil filter should be cleaned in time, 3 months.

3, to fuel the tank, must be filtered, oil can not be mixed with water, rust, metal chips and fiber and other impurities.

4, in the winter or cold areas to start the pump, should be open and stop, repeat several times, so that the oil temperature rise, the hydraulic pump station to operate flexibly after the start of work.

5, the hydraulic pump station all knobs, the operator must not move.

6, often observe the power supply voltage is not normal fluctuations, and every 3 months or so overhaul once.

The proper maintenance of the pipe-making machine plays a great positive role in the efficiency and life of the equipment.