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The performance material of COTS determines the user selection
Jan 05, 2018

Cots performance has a lot, the performance of different materials also greatly affect the choice of a number of users, Yangzhou Wei Tong Rubber Roller Factory specializing in the production of various types of cots, manufacturing has more than more than 20 years of experience, strong technical force, sophisticated processing equipment, detection means complete. Cots material performance is divided into a variety of the following two kinds for everyone to do a simple introduction.

Media resistance: This factor is important: some cots need to be used under the conditions of leaching, so in the formulation before the design should first be used in what kind of media to understand, acid, alkali resistance, high temperature, corrosion resistance, wear-resistant, a variety of rubber performance in the rubber raw materials and formulations are very exquisite.

High-temperature performance cots: High temperature resistance depends on the selection of glial materials and related bonding methods. Commonly used hard rubber layer combination. This strengthens the combined strength of the rollers. But also because the hard glue with the temperature rise and softening phenomenon, so that the combination of metal and rubber decline, generally only in the temperature of not more than 599, if the use of other special adhesives, can be used to increase the temperature to 999 degrees. such as the use of high-temperature silicone rubber, the use of separate adhesives, so select cots when you must consider good correlation coefficient.