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The repairing method of the roller of cement pipe-making machine
Jan 05, 2018

Cement pipe machine is the production of cement pipe machinery, is a simple and practical, the most widely used equipment, with easy to operate, easy maintenance, less vulnerable parts and so on, mainly for drainage, sewage, road culverts, as well as the production of Wells pipe, compared to users. The roller of the cement pipe machine is the pressure roll mechanism which drives the roller of the cement pipe mould roll, it bears the force of pulling, pressing, shearing, twisting and bending. The force mainly acts on the working face of the rolling ring and the roller contact, and the working face is very easy to wear. After the wear of the roller not only reduces the strength of the roller, but also affects the quality of the product, on the wear of the roller, the current some plants arc welding repair, and then turning processing, some plants are welded by vibrating surfacing. These patching methods are not ideal. Today small make up to share with you a more reliable cement pipe machine roller repair method.