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Two important fields of roll forging forming development
Jan 05, 2018

The development of roll forging has two important fields. One is precision roll forging technology, including cold precision roll technology. It has good development foreground in the precision forming of the sheet parts, such as the advantages in the blade forming and the variable cross-section leaf spring.

The second is to achieve volume distribution and preform in the production of long shaft forgings, reduce the final forming load, compose the precision roll precision forging compound production line, and use less investment in mass production of complex forgings. Precision forging production line of front axle precision roll of truck is a successful example. This kind of production line invests only the traditional million ton presses the production line 1/5~L/8, but the product quality and the production capacity are equal. The development of roll forging technology will promote the technological progress of China's forging industry in the above two aspects.