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Where to Use Roll Forming Line?
Apr 23, 2018

Where to Use Roll Forming Line?

For some beginning suppliers of roll forming line in this industrial area,almost of them did not know exactly where to use roll forming line.Actually,there are cable tray roll forming line and electrical cabinet roll forming line.

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roll forming is typically used for projects that require a mass production of shapes that exhibit a uniform cross-section. Roll forming utilizes any type of material that is capable of withstanding bending to the specified radius. Roll Forming Process graphic Common types of material included in this process are galvanized steel, tin, copper as well as painted or plastic coated metal. This application can either involve a cold roll forming line or hot rolled process, a mill finish or high polished/mirror finish. Roll forming techniques can successfully produce items such as:


1.an 1⁄8” diameter butt seam tube, while simultaneously filling it with a flux to create a welding rod

2.computer components from .005″ thick tin plate

3.structural sections and pipe from ¾” thick plate

4.pipe as large as 48″ diameter


What is the most important is that you need to find the best roll forming machine manufacturers and get more instruction on roll forming line set.