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Check Standards Of Quality Hollow Elevator Guide Forming Line
Apr 21, 2018

Check Standards of Quality Hollow Elevator Guide Forming Line

We make more effort to search and choose ourselves a professional elevator guide rail manufacturer,but when we bought their machine production line,most of us have ignored the check standards of a quality hollow elevator guide forming line.Here we will talk about the check standards.

There is strict technique data in manufacturing hollow elevator guide forming line.So after the installation,technique data still need to be abide by in checking the project.Important check standards are as follows:

1.Coil thickness: 2.3-3.2mm

2.Producing pipe size: TK3A, TK5A

3.Line speed: 0-25m/min

4.Operation area: L35m X W4.5m 

5.Scope of supply and service

check standards of hollow elevator guide forming machine.jpg