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Cold-formed Steel and Its Forming Process
Mar 01, 2018

Cold-formed Steel and Its Forming Process

Cold-formed steel is widely used due to its energy-saving and environment-friendly features, and the required load is no longer completely dependent on increasing the amount of sheet material or improving the mechanical properties of the material, but by changing the cross-sectional shape of steel products to improve the mechanical properties of steel.

General cold forming process are: sheet forming, roll forming and continuous molding, joint molding.

1.roll forming and cintinuous forming process

Roll forming and continuous forming process are basically the same, the difference is that: continuous forming plate joints must be welded to the plate continuous molding; and roll forming is a single roll of supply. Equipment investment and floor space requirements for both processes are large.

2.sheet forming process

Sheet forming process is pre-cut the plates into the specified length, and then the roller machine put the plate into the molding machine, then the rolling profiles can be collected directly into warehousing,This kind of equipment is simple and low investment.

3.joint forming process

Joint forming process is the processing of special steel molding process, steel molding process has special requirements, the need for complex molding equipment, suitable for processing of high strength sheet. Equipment requirements are complex and high.This kind of forming equipment will be an vast investment.

With the continuous development of science and technology, cold forming technology has been widely used due to its characteristics of energy conservation, environmental protection and high efficiency. Cold-formed steel products are also widely used in many industries such as construction, bridge, vehicle manufacturing, container manufacturing and machinery manufacturing.

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