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How Roll Forming Machine Work?
Apr 27, 2018

How roll forming machine Work?

Today what we talk about is roll forming machine?As we all known, nowadays, roll forming machine is widely used in many domains such as transportations, medical industry, elevator industry, etc.It plays an important role in our daily life.However, how roll forming machine work?

Roll forming Machine is a continuous process for forming sheet, strip or coiled metal stock into long shapes of basically uniform cross-section. The material is fed through multiple pairs of contoured forming rolls, which progressively shape the metal until the desired cross section is produced. Roll forming finds wide application in real estate, building, construction, office furniture appliance and many more. A Cold Roll Forming Machine can be formed any type of ferrous and non-ferrous material. MS and aluminum are the most common materials used in the roll forming machine process. Stock to be roll formed post-cut afterwards to a specified dimension, with the latter being most common. The more productive post-cut method typically involves a stock de coiler, a roll forming machine, a cutoff machine, and a run out table. 

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