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How Storage Shelf Cold Roll Forming Machine Works
Apr 25, 2018

How Storage Shelf Cold Roll Forming machine works

Today we introduce a new product which is called Storage Shelf Cold Roll Forming machine.As we all know, storage shelf is widely used in our daily life, especially in supermarkets, stores and warehouse.We exported such product to many countries for many years.

Storage shelf cold roll forming machine is a production line, not a single machine.The production line is highly integrated by uncoiling, leveling, forming , cutting off, punching, receiving and related process.It is quite a complex process to make the storage shelf.The whole production line is controlled by PCL program . Operators can select a preset program to run the whole line automatically by using touch screen.The methods of operation include automatic control 、manual control、separate operation and emergency stop.

Storage Shelf Cold Roll Forming Line.jpg

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