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How To Find A Good Guardrail Roll Forming Machine Manufacturer?(2)
Sep 20, 2018

How To Find a Good Guardrail Roll Forming Machine Manufacturer?(2)

     -Do they adhere to national or international standards? 

    Quality manufacturers of this kind will always be backed-up by official certifications and standards of conformity like ISO, BS( for British suppliers), IEC (for Europe), NFPA (North America), SGS, Intertek, etc, depending on the country of origin. A manufacturer that doesn’t have any of these certifications is probably incompetent and possibly operates in an illegal manner. You don’t  want to risk your entire business by purchasing from an unknown manufacturer with dubious standards of work and quality controls as this may lead to health and safety hazards or problems with the functionality of machines at best.

    -Do they offer spare parts? 

    Good roll forming machine manufacturers should always offer spare components along the machines and tools they provide. The spare parts must adhere to industry standards and must be of high quality and allow easy installation onsite without any issues. If you fail to get any quality spare parts (or any spare parts at all), the machines will be more prone to damage and problems along the manufacturing process, producing serious safety hazards in some cases.

     -The manufacturer should have a team of highly skilled technicians and experts to provide guidance and resolutions to your machinery concerns. 


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