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How To Maintain Maintenance In The Snowy And Rainy Days Cross Wedge Mill Equipment
Jan 05, 2018

Daily no matter what equipment, should do the corresponding maintenance and maintenance work, in the rain and snow days, want to ensure that the cross wedge mill in a good working condition, it is necessary to do their maintenance and maintenance, prolong the use of equipment, reduce the incidence of failure.

On the maintenance of the cross wedge Mill should be strictly implemented in accordance with certain standards, and "maintenance and care, prevention" as the principle, to maintain the regular, mandatory, correct treatment of the relationship between the use, maintenance and repair, to avoid the emergence of only use not to raise or only to repair and other undesirable conditions.

According to the corresponding maintenance work to develop a set of practical maintenance plan, and the work content to specific personnel, the team must be in accordance with the cold rolling mill equipment maintenance procedures, maintenance categories do all kinds of maintenance work, without undue delay.