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India Elevator Guide Rail Processing Manufacturer Came To Visit Our Factory
Aug 03, 2018

India elevator guide rail processing manufacturer came to visit our factory

India elevator guide processing manufacturer came to visit our factory for consulting elevator guide rail processing auxiliary production line.

Our company is the first enterprise in China that can independently design the production line of elevator guide rail processing equipment, and it is also the pioneer of domestic elevator guide rail processing technology innovation. It has long-term close cooperation with international brands such as Spain's Sevilla, Italy's Monte Ferro, Italy's Maraz in the domestic joint venture, and the national brand " Runfa-Machinery".

Main euipment for elevator guide rail processing auxiliary production line:

1. Automatic Blank Straightening Machine

2. Manual straightening machine

3. Semi-automatic twisting machine

4. Painting machine

5. Drying room

6. Chip removal machine

7. Planer

8. Automatic Precision Straightening Machine

9. Semi-automatic Metal Machining Production Line

10. Automatic Metal Machining Production Line

11. The cold drawn rail processing line

12. Automatic measuring machine for straightness

13. Oil coating machine

The speed of the whole line is 12~15 m/ min