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Performance Of Aging Phenomenon Of Rubber Cots
Jan 05, 2018

In the actual printing production, the viscoelastic effect of rubber has a direct effect on the dynamic hardness of cots, printing pressure and the heat accumulation in cots. Offset printing in the heat accumulation is relatively easy to occur, so the use of offset in lithography roller materials should be selected viscoelastic relative lag of rubber materials, which control cots size stability and rubber aging, to prevent excessive printing pressure is very important. The aging phenomenon of rubber cots has the following performance:

(1) Tensile rubber cots in the production of ozone aging, the surface to produce ozone cracking, rubber roller ozone cracking has a critical stress exists, when the rubber elongation or the stress is lower than the critical value, in the event of ozone aging will not produce cracking.

(2) The ozone aging of rubber cots is a surface reaction, and the surface reaction depth of the rubber is 10-40 molecules thick.

(3) Rubber cots in the production of ozone cracking, the direction of the crack and the direction of the force perpendicular to the ozone cracking and light oxygen aging caused by the difference between the cracks.