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Storage Racking Cold Roll Forming Machine-Best Choice For You
Mar 07, 2018

Storage Racking Cold Roll Forming Machine-Best Choice For You

Cold forming is a forging process in which coiled wire is sheared and moved through a series of tools and die to press it and change its shape. It displaces the working metal and changes its diameter and length and removes some metal through the process of piercing and trimming.

How cold form machine works

A cold form machine forces metal beyond its elastic limit and as a result metal gains the altered shape when it is removed from the die. The tensile strength of the metal is strictly followed as not doing so will cause fracturing and breakage of material. This technique has been used for a long time however, it was previously thought to be an experience based process. But this perception has changed significantly due to the use of computerized analytical tools for cold forming. 

Variations in cold form machines

Different variations of tools are used in a cold form machine depending upon the purpose of the machinery. Some generally used variations include

Cut off diameter variation (min. 2mm, max. 48mm)

Feed length variation (min. 2mm, max. 300mm+)

Tonnage (min. 5 metric ton, max. 1600 metric tons)

Type of transfer

Cold form metal for storage shelf 

Cold form metal is sometimes used to build storage shelf as it offers a lot of benefits over traditional storage shelves. For instance,Cold form metal is light in weight and offers convenience in handling and transportation.

It is affordable and extremely easy to use.

It is strong and rigid and can bear weight that makes it ideal for storage shelf.

It is recyclable and does not rot or combust.

Building a storage shelf with cold form metal is easy and hassle free.

Storage shelf prepared with cold form metal can be used in bedrooms, living rooms, departmental stores, super markets and in offices also. It can easily bear a lot of weight which makes it perfect for commercial uses. It adds a structural beauty to the place and so is often used in huge structures where simplicity is itself portrayed as beauty.

Cold form metal is also used to build entertainment section, subway section, ship bar and space bar. It is perfect for outdoor installations and is often liked by those who like to enjoy outdoor.

Cold form metal is redefining the way structures were used. It is easy to use, maintain and adds grace to the place.