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Technology Of Rolling Forging Machine
Jan 05, 2018

It is a new process for producing precision forgings of rotary body, which is suitable for the production of round workpiece. This rolling and forging process means that the advantages of both ring rolling and hot die forging are concentrated in one process, that is, the difference between the local deformation force and the closed forging. Local deformation stress means less deformation resistance, which reduces the machine's tonnage, increases the machine's ability to resist deformation and stiffness, and naturally produces the most sophisticated forgings.

The precision forgings produced by the axial closed die rolling process are less used in forging billet and allow small amount of machining reservation. Compared with the traditional hot-die forging technology, this process provides a more economical method for people. In the forging industry, there are already a number of such fully automated equipment available for production. Because of the rapid replacement of the mold and CNC program control, such equipment can also be used for flexible production.

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