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The Bright Prospects Of Cold Roll Forming Machinery
Apr 02, 2018

The Bright Prospects of Cold Roll Forming Machinery

The Bright Prospects of Cold Roll Forming Machinery

Cold roll forming machinery also has the operation, maintenance, color steel pressure machine equipment using high level of automatic control software to achieve the production of information management, the entire unit automation control system using highly integrated network, the automation system performance is superior. Cold-formed machinery market in the next 5 years or even longer period of time, building materials will be higher than the national economic development rate of 5-6 percentage points rapid growth in 2014 industrial output is expected to reach more than 10 trillion yuan, become important national economy Growth point, China's cold-bending machinery market will have unlimited broad market prospects. With the rapid development of China's economy and society, China's cold roll forming machinery market demand is increasing year by year trend. With the country on the cold-bending machinery market to further standard, 

Cold-bending machinery industry this phenomenon has been sustained until the beginning of reform and opening up, and later in the reform and opening up a strong form, the gradual improvement of steel varieties and quality, cold-bending machine production began to have further development The In 1989, China has more than 20 manufacturers, production reached 300,000 tons, and even the specifications also have more than 800 kinds. With the development of science and technology, cold bending machine is also continuous progress, according to the latest adjustment results show that so far has more than 100 sets of cold bending units, production has been 1.5 million tons, and specifications are more than 1000 Species. Whether it is in the production efficiency or product quality improvement have been greatly improved, will also be in the future to go farther and farther.


With the country to encourage the deep implementation of steel policy and steel construction and other industries, the cold bending industry will be better and faster development. Cold bending industry, the current momentum of development is very good, but also made great progress, but we are far from the world's advanced level there is a big gap between China's construction into a cold-formed power, still long way to go. Hope that the cold bending manufacturers to study foreign advanced technology experience for China's cold-bending cause to make their own contribution. As far as the current situation is concerned, the number of cold-bending machines is increasing, and some of its advantages are increasingly accepted by people, experiencing numerous twists and turns and struggling to build cold bars from the 1950s Units, to the end of the seventies in the country only six factory manufacturers.


At present, China's existing cold-bending machinery main varieties are: the structure of the cold-formed rectangular tube, cold-rolled steel car, rolling doors and steel windows with steel, low pressure fluid delivery pipe, general open cold bending machinery, Machinery, as well as various sections of the cold-formed profile, has been widely used in industrial and civil industries such as construction, machinery, nuclear power, automobile, railway, agricultural machinery, chemical industry, petroleum, refrigeration, food, textile, medical, supermarket, In particular, the demand for cold-formed machinery in emerging industries presents a "large-scale" situation. At present, China's production of stainless steel, galvanized sheet, high strength and ultra-high low-alloy steel material, the number of cold-formed machinery is very small, need to import; with cutting-edge development of cold-bending mechanical products and complex sections, Series of cold-formed machinery, the potential market is quite large, broad prospects for development.


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