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The Problems That Should Be Paid Attention To In The Use Of Industrial Cots
Jan 05, 2018

In the offset printing operation because of "large ink" ink emulsion, in the smooth cots formed on the Hydrophilic Foundation, so that it deinking. The solution is to shovel off the emulsion ink, the deinking cots with gasoline wash, with 5% of sodium hydroxide water solution and pumice powder mixed grinding, at the same time to metal rollers (or hard rollers) to do the corresponding treatment. Hard rollers can also be in the water spray state, with fine sand grinding, attention can not be fixed stay in the same place, otherwise it will damage cots. The fundamental solution is to control the ph value of water bucket fluid and to do well in ink balance.

Cots used too long aging, coupled with the erosion of chemicals, resulting in rotten gum off "slag", such cots are best not to use, or seriously affect the quality of printing. Cots are stored in the same environment as rubber blanket. In addition, cots should be in the shaft of the straight frame, and the surface do not contact each other or contact with other items, lest cots deformation. Cots should not be stored near large motors and generators. Because of the large amount of ozone produced by these devices, the surface of the cots will be aged and cracked. Cold weather, ink play unevenness, can be appropriate in the ink to add auxiliary materials, prohibit the use of infrared heaters and other equipment baking ink cots, to prevent the rubber roller oxidation.