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Understanding The Three-dimensional Plastic Forming Process Of Cross Wedge Rolling
Jan 05, 2018

Cross Wedge rolling die is the company perennial for the market production, provide the key products, is worthy of the majority of customers trust the attention of the key products, the basic production of cross wedge rolling mold work company is also grasp the understanding, especially the cross wedge rolling mold three-dimensional plastic forming process.

Cross Wedge rolling is a new process and technology for forming metal parts, and it can be used professionally to make cross wedge rolling die. In the production of bench shaft parts, compared with the traditional process, with high production efficiency, less material utilization, low production costs, is recognized as the world's advanced manufacturing technology components. With the development of computer technology, the finite element method can simulate the three-dimensional plastic forming process of cross wedge rolling, and some scholars at home and abroad use this method to carry out a series of theoretical research on the metal flow law and the defects of the rolled pieces.