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What Is ​ Elevator Guide Rail?
May 04, 2018

What is Elevator guide rail?

Elevator guide rail is running up and down the elevator shaft safety rails, Rails installed on the shaft wall, rail, rail bracket is attached to the shaft wall. Elevator guide rail is “t” shaped guide. Characteristics of rigid, high reliability, safe and cheap. Rail surface must be smooth without jagged surface. Because Rails is guided on the elevator car boots and shuttle rail safety gear, so installation must ensure that its clearance. Guides in the elevator speeding accidents occurred at the same time to bear to stop the elevator, so its rigidity can not be ignored.

Elevator guide rail is installed in the elevator shaft or between two or more columns of floors of rigid vertical or inclined orbit to ensure car and counterweight along its movement up and down, ensure the escalator and automatic footway cascade along its inclined or horizontal motion, the elevator car and counterweight or steps provide guidance. From the definition of guide rails, rail vertical elevators, escalators, automatic sidewalk important benchmarks for part of the cascade, it controls the elevator, escalator and automatic footway cascade running track, guarantees operation signal transmission, it is also related to the safety and quality of important components.

elevator guide rail