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Frame Hoop Rolling Machine

Frame Hoop Rolling Machine
1.Production rate:20 Components for one minute.
2.Usage:Ring hoop;V band clamps.
Product Details:

Frame Hoop Rolling Machine

I.Equipment Technical Requirements :

1.Equipment: Automatic uncoiler;Precise leveling machine; Roll forming machine;bending module;cut off.

2.Width of coil: 30-100mm

3.The range of inner diameter: ф408-508 mm

4.Load capacity: ≤ 1000kg

5.Expansion mode: Manual

6.Material width: max100mm

7.Material thickness: max3.0mm

8.Adjustment method: 4 points independent

9.Leveling speed: max16m/min

10.Equipment floor area of ring hoop machine: 4*1*1.5m(L*W*H)

image    image

II.Details of Clamp Steel Forming Machine:

1.Form: High-precision guide column bracket gear chain drive(inverter motor control).

2.Roller can with Cr12MoV forging, the overall quenching CNC machining, hardness uptoHRC58-62; with high strength, high hardness, high precision, using life and so on. 

3.There are two modes of operation: manual and automatic. With manual and automatic switching function: in the manual state, can stand-alone operation, easy maintenance; in the automatic state, the full range of production run, the order to start; full line with emergency stop button, easy to deal with emergencies, to ensure that equipment and operators Safety.

4.There is a manual operation panel next to the operator to facilitate the operation of the workers.

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