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Hoop Roll Forming Machine

Hoop Roll Forming Machine
1. Rolling Diameter Range: 100~400mm 2. Applications: Hoop/Ring/V Clamps/Band Clamps/G Couplings/Flanges/Aircraft Clamps/Gaskets 3. Material: Stainless Steel 4. Full Automatic
Product Details:

Hoop Roll Forming Machine

1. Equipment Technical Requirements of Hoop Roll Forming Machine

(1) Equipment Floor Area: 3.5*1*1.8m (L*W*H)

(2) Feeding Direction: From Right to Left

(3) Voltage:3 Phase, 380V,50Hz

(4) Air Supply: Flow Rate:0.5m³/min; Pressure: 0.6MPa

(5) Hydraulic Fluid:46#

(6) Gear Oil: 18# Hyperbolic gear oil 

(7) Width of Strip ≤80mm

(8) Thickness of Strip 0.10MM--1MM

(9) Material of Strip: Stainless Steel

(10) Total Power: approximately 22.5KW

(11) Ring range: 100~400 mm.

2. Hoop Roll Forming Machine Details

(1) Process of hoop roll forming machine: De-coiler- Leveling- Rolling Unit- Bending Unit- Cut Off 

(2) Advantages of Zhangyun Machinery hoop roll forming machine: Quick Change / Guide Device / Lubrication system / Correction of the head/Turks head / Length detection / Guarding with Lighting protection device

(3) Control System of hoop roll forming machine: 

A. There are two modes of operation: manual and automatic. With manual and automatic switching function: in the manual state, can stand-alone operation, easy maintenance; in the automatic state, the full range of production run, the order to start; full line with emergency stop button, easy to deal with emergencies, to ensure that equipment and operators Safety.

B. There is a manual operation panel next to the operator to facilitate the operation of the workers


3. Advantages of Hoop Roll Forming Machine

  1. Our hoop roll forming machine applications: Hoop/Ring/V Clamps/Band Clamps/G Couplings/Flanges/Aircraft Clamps/Gaskets

  2. We can according to customers drawings to design hoop roll forming machines

  3. We can supply commissioning and trial production

  4. Our hoop roll forming machines exported to UK, Romania and India. We have plentiful exprience and our factory intergrate development and manufacturing in-house.

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